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The Tourance NEXT is the Enduro street tire that dares you to challenge any
weather condition and any road

  • 95% On-Road / 5% Off-Road
  • Tourance Next is replacing Tourance EXP, and comes in a full range of bias ply and radial sizes
  • The Tourance Next features a Dual-Compound configuration, derived from the experience on Roadtec Z8 Interact tires, and focused on increasing wet performance and mileage.
  • New compounds feature high dispersion Silica with high performance synthetic polymer and the newest resins and compound agents.
  • The rear sizes adopt a Dual Compound solution where the center compound is always from 40 to 45mm wide
  • (depending on the size) a 50% content of Silica, specifically developed to optimize the mileage and stability, even when fully loaded with luggage and a passenger.
  • The shoulder compounds are 100% Silica (Full Silica) that guaranties an excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces and provides great confidence when riding .
  • The Front tire is mono-compound with a high silica content (over 50%) and implements different types of new polymers and resins that provide improved handling and grip with a fast warm up
  • The Tourance Next rears feature the Metzeler Interact™ technology with a three zones of variable tension belt layout, and is quite similar to the original Roadtec Z8 Interact™.
  • New tire profiles have been developed along with the structure with the aim of improving the street and touring oriented behavior, wear regularity, mileage, and comfort.
  • Great attention has been paid to the tread pattern design, where the Greek π ™ and Metzeler family feeling is used and offers an asthetic feature has a functional effect.
  • Tourance Next strongly improves on wet behavior and 15% on mileage vs. the Tourance EXP
  • OE on the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure
  • Tubeless