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TechSpec C3 Grip Motorcycle Seat Pad Pattern 0

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TechSpec C3 Grip Motorcycle Seat Pad Pattern 0
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MPN: 62-5000-C3

  • C3 is TechSpec's new synthica 0.1 inch thick rubber
  • Increase/maintain control of weight/body position
  • Eliminate sliding
  • Improve riding style
  • Decrease body fatigue
  • Improve weight adjustment
  • Protect tank from abuse
  • Improve re-sale value
  • Provide benefits of grip material without damaging leathers
  • Developed in the United States of America
  • TechSpec grip pads allow rider to transfer more energy through legs, improving overall control and body position
  • TechSpec kits come pre-cut to fit machines listed
  • Pads are back with reusable adhesive and ready to install
  • Fitment