Klim Gear

Klim Adventure Gear

KLIM Technical Gear offers premium performance apparel made from the best available materials whether making tracks through the snow or tearing it up in the dirt, KLIM gear gets you through most any terrain adventure with no exceptions.

With an unmatched comprehensive warranty that includes no-cost accident replacement with a Gear Protection Guarantee Program for up to 5 years after date of purchase, GORE-TEX Guaranteed To Keep You Dry Promise, and a Practical Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship coupled with offering a fee-based repair service for minor issues in which they can restore the garments back to original KLIM quality, you have got yourself the holeshot winner in high end technical riding apparel.

KLIM is the world’s premium motorcycle gear manufacturer developing gear for the Enduro, Adventure and Touring segments of motorcycle sport and all aspects of Snowmobiling. Functionality and quality are the guiding objectives in the development of KLIM products and as they like to say, KLIM has your back.