Shoei Helmets

The Japanese Do Helmets Right

Grip the throttle and hit the inside line on all of the latest and greatest helmet offerings from Shoei. Looking for DOT and SNELL Certifications? Well look no further as this is the premium helmet that just might be the perfect fit for you. Whether it is the X-Fourteen, when milliseconds count, or the VFX-EVO, the world’s most evolved MX (motocross) helmet, Shoei is a helmet brand to be seen and seen in.

Looking for the latest technology that utilizes modern testing practices and advanced materials? Definitely take a closer look at Shoei premium helmets, where the ultimate in style and safety meet function and fashion. All Shoei helmets are designed with comfort, safety, and passion in mind and although safety and functionality always play the dominant role, the design aspect is never neglected. Offering dirt, street, dual sport, and modular helmets in a variety of styles, colors, and graphics, the name Shoei has long been synonymous with the word premium in the motorcycle helmet market. This is truly a credential that hundreds of loyal men and women in their Japan factories wear with great pride as they create each helmet by hand. The meticulous and sophisticated process involves over 50 people for each and every helmet made and it has been this way since the very beginning in 1959 when the founder Eitaro Kamata built the first Shoei helmet by hand.