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Burly Lowering Blocks

Quick and Easy!

Burly lowering blocks are hands down the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to lower your Harley Motorcycle! These small but mighty blocks will drop almost any Harley up to 1 1/4". Available in black or chrome. A simple lift of your bike and a few bolts is all you need. The lowering blocks install direct on the shock mount using bolts supplies in the kit. Simple instructions are also provided for this quick install. Easy installation also means an easy removal if you decide you want to go back to stock.

Burly Lowering Blocks were essentially Burly’s building blocks into the motorcycle industry. This was the first item Burly offered riders looking for that custom lowered Harley look. Today, Burly stays Committed To Custom while being easy on your wallet. Just like all the other Burly products, these are proudly made in the USA.