AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet
AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet

AGV K3 Matte Salvia Green Helmet

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AGV K3 Helmet

The legendary AGV K3 Helmet is here to take your riding experience to a whole new level of comfort and safety. Get ready to dominate any route with style!

When it comes to safety, the K3 S goes above and beyond. AGV's Extreme Safety construction protocol ensures that this helmet surpasses the latest international standards by a wide margin. It's not just safeit's a safety fortress! The K3 has aced the tests required by the ECE 2206 homologation, setting new benchmarks for protection.

Size matters, and the K3 delivers on all fronts. The high-resistance thermoplastic shell, available in three sizes, combines with four sizes of inner shells made of multidensity EPS. This winning combination offers unparalleled protection tailored to every section of your head. No compromises when it comes to your safety.

AGV is all about racing, and the K3 embraces those adrenaline-fueled roots. The helmet's profile is meticulously crafted to minimize the chances of impact with the collarbone. AGV knows how crucial safety is in the racing world, and they've brought that expertise to the K3. It's all about pushing boundaries, my friends!

Let's talk practicality without sacrificing an ounce of style. The K3 features a micrometric steel closing system that allows for quick and safe adjustment of the helmet's fastening. It's a breeze to secure, and it can withstand over 2,000N of force without any deformation. That's what I call hardcore durability!

Get ready for maximum visibility and total control on the road. The K3's Ultravision visor grants you an impressive 190 horizontal field of vision. No blind spots herespot obstacles, conquer twists and turns, and own the road like a true speed addict. And don't worry about foggy daysthe Pinlock Max Vision 70 antifog system has got your back. It guarantees clear vision even in the harshest weather conditions. Fogging? Not a chance!

Smoothness and adaptation are key features of the K3. The integrated sun visor operates seamlessly thanks to the innovative cable system. Even with winter gloves on, you can effortlessly adjust the sun visor to adapt to excessive light conditions. It doesn't obstruct the front ventilation when in the rest position, and you can position the lens at two different heights for a customized fit. The K3 understands that comfort is key, no matter your face shape.

Functionality that adapts to your needs? The K3 has it in spades. The visor, adjustable to six positions, allows you to fine-tune the air flow inside the helmet according to your preferences. And here's something coolthe new "City Position" step lets you keep the visor open at low speeds, making it perfect for urban riding. The K3 adapts to your style, whether you're tearing up the track or navigating the city streets.

Versatility is the name of the game for the K3. It's designed to perform at its best in any riding position. AGV's experts have meticulously studied the design and aerodynamic profile using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to optimize it for all riding stylescommuting, touring, and sport riding. No matter your style, the K3 has your back.

Riding at high speeds should be effortless, and that's where the K3 shines. It's dynamically lighter, meaning it's designed to be balanced and have zero dynamic weight at a cruising speed of 130 km/h. Say goodbye to neck fatigue and hello to maximum concentration on the road. The K3 lets you focus on what mattersunleashing your inner speed demon!

Don't sweat the heatthe K3's thermoregulation system has you covered. It efficiently exchanges air between the outside and inside, ensuring constant temperature control. The rear extractor, with its sleek new design and optimal air vent positioning, enhances air recirculation and boosts thermal comfort. Stay cool and composed, no matter how intense your ride gets.

Now, let's talk about fully customizable ventilation. The K3 boasts two air vents in the shell, guaranteeing maximum airflow even when the sun visor is not in use. The two chin vents, with their clever design, are optimized for different riding positions and increase the speed at which air enters the helmet. And here's a cool featurethe Micro-Opening. You can regulate the airflow by slightly opening the visor, allowing you to find your perfect comfort zone.

Comfort is king, and the K3 delivers. The fresh and soft materials make it a joy to put on and take off. The outer coating is resistant to wear and waterproof, keeping you dry and ready for action. The 2Dry inner lining absorbs sweat in record time, ensuring your face stays dry and comfortable throughout your ride. It's all about feeling good while looking great!

A helmet that's tailored to fit you like a glove? The K3 has got you covered. With interchangeable cheek pads and six helmet sizes to choose from, you have an incredible 30 configurations at your fingertips. AGV knows that every rider is unique, and the K3 ensures you get a personalized fit that feels like it was made just for you.

When you choose the K3, you're not just choosing a helmetyou're embracing AGV's legendary craftsmanship and innovation.

  • Features

    • Includes Pinlock lens and wind protector
  • Shell

    • High resistance thermoplastic
    • Collarbone safe profile
  • Ventilation

    • 1 rear extractor and 4 front vents
    • Adjustable air vents
  • Aerodynamics

    • Shell shape designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to have 0 dynamic weight at 80 mph (130 km/h)
    • Optimized for all riding positions
  • Interior

    • 2Dry: instant sweat absorption
    • Embracing neck roll profile
    • Fit especially designed to allow wearing glasses
    • Removable and washable interiors
    • No stitches in sensitive areas
    • Ready for generic communication system
  • Visor

    • 100% Max Vision Pinlock included
    • 190 horizontal field of view
    • Integrated anti-scratch sun visor, removable without using tools
    • Micro-opening system
    • Multistep visor mechanism
    • Anti-scratch
    • Extra Quick Release System (XQRS)
    • Additional visor strap for city position
    • UV protective
  • Retention System

    • Steel micrometric

PROP 65 WARNING: Cancer and/or reproductive harm -

SKU PUL-0101-15530-P
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Type Helmets Full Face
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