Antigravity Re-Start Lithium Battery AT12-BS 360CA 4 Terminal

Antigravity Re-Start Lithium Battery AT12-BS 360CA 4 Terminal

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Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA Re-Start Lithium Battery

It's the scenario every rider dreads. You're packed up ready to go to work on a Monday morning and you've got an important meeting first thing. You're all ready to go, get on your bike, push the start button — and nothing happens. Unfortunately, the most common reason for this is a dead battery, usually through lack of maintenance but often because it was old, worn out and unable to hold a charge anymore.

A reliable battery is critical to keeping your bike running. Without it, there's nothing to spark your engine into life, so an unreliable battery means an unreliable vehicle. If your battery is dead and it's a standard lead-acid model, you probably forgot to top up the electrolyte or check the charge when it's been left idle. What you need is a modern battery that uses the latest technology to ensure it always retains its charge and needs no maintenance. What you need is the Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA Re-Start Lithium Battery.

About the Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA Re-Start Lithium Battery

The Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA is an ultra-lightweight lithium battery with built-in jump-start technology. The monitoring system detects when the battery has low power and goes into sleep mode, leaving just enough power to start your vehicle. When you get to your vehicle, all you need to do is press the ""Re-Start"" button, and away you go. It also comes with an impressive array of features.


  • Built-in jump starting using RE-START technology
  • Full battery management system including over-discharge, over-charge, thermal protections and cell balancing
  • Twice the lifecycle of an equivalent lead-acid battery
  • Up to twice the cranking amps of equivalent lead-acid batteries
  • 4-terminal design for easy installation
  • Up to 70% lighter than similar lead-acid batteries
  • Mount in any direction — no liquids to spill
  • Highly durable design, resistant to shock and vibration
  • Environmentally sound — no lead, cadmium or mercury

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 2.35 lbs (1.06 kg)
  • DImensions: 5.9 x 2.75 x 5.12 in (150 x 70 x 130 mm)
  • Cranking Amps: 360
  • Amp Hours (Pb Eq): 12

The Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA Won't Leave You Stranded

Once you switch to a modern, maintenance-free battery like the Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA, you'll never go back to an old lead-acid model. It's reliable, provides excellent starting power and definitely won't leave you stranded.

Note: If you are fitting the Antigravity AT12-BS 360CA to a pre-mid 90s model motorcycle, you may need to update your charging system with a modern voltage regulator. Older voltage regulators may over-charge and damage lithium batteries. Also, this model may not suit motorcycles with large, modified or custom V Twin engines due to their large current draw.

PROP 65 WARNING: Cancer and/or reproductive harm -

SKU 71-2304
UPC 711811703492
Model Re-Start
Type Electrical
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