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Antigravity XPS Extreme Power Lithium Battery SC-1 180CA CTR Terminal

Antigravity XPS Extreme Power Lithium Battery SC-1 180CA CTR Terminal

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The Antigravity XPS Extreme Power Lithium Battery

Are you looking for a powerful motorsport battery for your motorcycle or power sports vehicle? The Antigravity SC-1 is the tiniest, most powerful Motorsport battery available currently. The battery is perfect for Powersport vehicles and race motorcycles up to 1300cc in competition use. Surprisingly, it is so powerful that it can start a V8 Motor.

The Antigravity SC-1 measures 4.25" by 1.25" length by depth and 3.75" in height. Even more surprising is that it weighs only 12oz, and it is as powerful as batteries twice its size. Its relatively small size makes it perfect applications where every ounce counts.

Physical Features

The battery's main appeal stems from its pocket-friendly size that provides immense power. In addition, it has a waterproof feature, which, together with its portability, makes it a great backup battery to have when touring or on adventure rides with your vehicle.

It features an adhesive-backed foam that allows for easy battery installation. Moreover, it also has a large all-brass terminal design which plays a major part in its strength and durability. It is built to top-quality standards, making it a premium investment performance-wise and visually appealing.


If you desire more power and capacity, the Antigravity SC-1 outshines older models. This top-power lithium nano-phosphate potentially holds a charge for 12 months, as long as there are no parasitic drains (which are essentially appliances/accessories that draw energy when your motorbike is off, such as heated grips, GPS, iPods, ECUs, and alarms, among others).

This ensures constant performance for your motorcycle or power sports vehicle. However, the battery has a lower capacity than the typical 4-cell model, though offering almost twice the power. Additionally, you must strictly charge the lithium batteries using a lithium-specific charger. Use of any other non-lithium compatible charger is likely to damage your battery.

Best Usage

Unfortunately, the Antigravity SC-1 is not recommended or advisable for daily driver-type vehicles. The battery has a smaller than recommended capacity for regular use in street-only cars. Therefore, the Antigravity SC-1 is recommended for jump-starting, racing, or secondary battery usage.

Best use for the Antigravity SC-1 includes race use for Enduro and MX Electric start bikes running up to 1300cc. It is also ideal for sportbikes in the same power range. What's more, the Antigravity SC-1 can also start high-compression Ducati V-twin motors despite its small size and weight.

The battery is best used where and when one desires extreme weight loss and ultra-compact sizing. It’s time you ditch old technology and opt for the latest technology provided by Antigravity.

Advantages of the Antigravity SC-1

The XPS model lithium-powered SC-1 battery model stands out from the competitor models owing to its added features and advantages such as:

  • Compact size. The Antigravity SC-1 battery is highly portable, making it ideal for long-distance backup usage, despite it being recommended for closed-circuit race usage
  • Powerful. Despite its small size, the battery is very powerful, almost twice as powerful as batteries in a larger size. It is also powerful enough to power a V8 motor
  • Durability. The battery is designed with high-quality standards and materials, making it last longer than typical batteries
  • Versatile. It can be used in several motorbike models and power sport vehicles. Though not advised, this battery can be used as a secondary backup for normal vehicle drives

PROP 65 WARNING: Cancer and/or reproductive harm -

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