Scorpion EXO-T520 Nama Sushi White Chameleon Helmet
Scorpion EXO-T520 Nama Sushi White Chameleon Helmet
Scorpion EXO-T520 Nama Sushi White Chameleon Helmet
Scorpion EXO-T520 Nama Sushi White Chameleon Helmet
Scorpion EXO-T520 Nama Sushi White Chameleon Helmet

Scorpion EXO-T520 Nama Sushi White Chameleon Helmet

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Scorpion EXO - T520: A Top-Shelf Lid With Top Shelf Perks, All Within Reach

Scorpion EXO has been the “people’s choice” when it comes to style and performance. They’ve created a lid with the input of riders of all sorts of backgrounds. Intel was gathered from city commuters, tourers, and even racers. Welcome, the T520. This innovative and uniquely stylish helmet houses an all-inclusive experience, from the built-in comms unit to the one-of-a-kind AirFit inflation system. This helmet reaches a volume even your grandmother can hear. So, get hyped, these perks will up!

Communication Elevated

There’s a new standard on the market for the affordable, full face motorcycle helmet and Scorpion EXO has laid the foundation with the T520. They have managed to integrate all of the ‘latest and greatest’ into one helmet for a value that is unmatched. Grab your boots, jacket, and gloves and tell all your friends because Scorpion EXO is about to turn up the volume with their all new EXO-COM unit. The T520 was designed specifically for the EXO-COM BlueTooth Communicator Kit. You can buy the unit separately or pre-installed (matte black color way only). This means that you will be able to pump up the jams while bragging about your rad helmet to your buddies, mid-ride! That all-inclusive thing is pretty excellent, right? Now let’s turn to channel 2… Aside from the cheek pads having a redesigned speaker pocket, they are also designed for your intercom cable routing. This innovative feature will keep your com system neatly tucked away and free from getting tangled up. Say “hasta la vista” to flappy cords because pulling the helmet on and off won’t disturb the routing. And that’s not sugar coating either. Stay “comm” and carry on. NOTE: While the EXO-COM integration is recommended, you are able to run the different comm units if you already have one.

Changing channels and shifting gears, Scorpion EXO is ready to pump you up. Hear this now, believe it later, the T520 has a state-of-the-art AirFit inflation system that gives you control over how pumped you want to get. No helmet is alike, not even your own from one ride to the next. Pump it, snug it and now you are able to reduce lift and drag, assisting the aerodynamics to suit your ride. No head shape is alike either and Scorpion EXO wants you to have a hand in customizing your comfort. Whether you’re dancing the canyons or running the GP circuit, the AifFit feature is developed with you in mind, minus the pressure points, minus the vibration. The T520 doesn’t skip a beat when setting you up for success.

Let’s Get Technical, Technical

Scorpion EXO packs a punch that’ll catch Rocky off-guard. The integrated comms and AirFit were just the start. The combination of Thermodynamic Composite Technology (T.C.T.) and the T.C.T. Ultra Pre-Peg material creates a lightweight, maximum strength shell, exclusive to Scorpion EXO, and comes in at under 4lbs. This consists of a 5 layer blend of fiberglass that is intricately woven with Aramid and organic poly-resin with upper and lower ventilation. It’s heat-pressed for added durability and performance to keep you floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. And speaking of bees, the one you fly into at times as you bob and weave? The T520 is equipped with an Everclear No-Fog face shield, coated and hardened with a scratch-free surface so you won’t be phased by bees or debris. Scorpion EXO also utilizes its proprietary EXOLON system, optically correct and fortified shatter-resistant polymer, to further enhance your visual protection. On the inside, the T520 houses a retractable sun visor for extra aid from the sun. On the outside, the MotoGP-inspired Ellip-Tec visor ratchet system has you extra sealed against the onslaught. Rocky has nothin’ on you.

Check one-two, let’s break it down. The T520 fits like a glove…for your head. The interior is made of the same Kwikwick liner we’ve seen in previous models but with an exclusive Scorpion EXO upgrade, now Kwikwick III. More wick and more cool because they know you bring the heat. All removable washable so you can stay fresh and so clean-clean. The cheek pads remove easily too, as they are designed not only with a glasses channel but a quick-release system to aid any emergency response teams. This is a key feature when you go as fast as you do. See and be seen, no matter the stage.

People’s Champ

Scorpion EXO delivers the T520 full of features that don’t disappoint. In fact, you’ll be questioning how you reached the upper echelon of helmet perks at such an affordable price. Their secret? None of our business. Let’s just reap the bennies and thank ‘em for it later. This thing also comes fully ECE/DOT certified, so you can trust that you have safety on your side. Radio check, you heard that loud and clear. This helmet isn’t the “people’s choice” for nothin’. T520, over and out.

Helmet Features

  • DOT FMVSS No. 218 Certified/ECE 22.05 Certified
  • Full 5 Year Warranty from date of purchase
  • Emergency Release System for safe and easy removal
  • Advanced Polycarbonate Shell - Lightweight and maximizes impact displacement
  • Dual Density EPS Layer - Added impact displacement
  • MotoGP Inspired Ellip-Tec II Ratchet System - Tool-less, Secure, Tight seal
  • Everclear No-Fog Face Shield - Coated with shatter-resistant EXOLON polymer; 98% UVA/UVB Protection
  • AirFit Inflation System - Reduces lift and drag, even reduces noise
  • Everclear Speedview Drop-down Visor - Retractable, interchangeable sun visor
  • Built-In Comms Unit - EXO-COM Communicator Bluetooth Kit Compatible
  • Enlarged speaker pockets for non-EXOCOM users
  • 3D Contoured Cheek Pads - Kwikwick III Liner with eyeglass channel

PROP 65 WARNING: Cancer and/or reproductive harm -

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